Perlite is a generic term for naturally occurring siliceous rock.

The distinguishing feature, which sets perlite apart from other volcanic glasses, is that when heated to a suitable point in its softening range, it expands from four to twenty times its original volume. This expansion process is due to the presence of water in the crude perlite rock. When quickly heated to 1700 F the rock pops in a manner similar to popcorn.

Expanded perlite can weigh as little as 2 pounds per cubic ft. and has a ph of approximately 7.


  • Traction material
  • Feed and litter in broiler diets
  • Horse corrals and stalls
  • Protection at archaeological sites
  • Stonewashing and finishing
  • Swimming pools
  • Horticulture

Perlite in Horticulture

  • Soilless growing mixes
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Carrier for fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides palletizing seed
  • Landscaping applications

Industrial Applications

  • Fillers for plastics
  • Cements for petroleum, water and geothermal wells
  • Filter media for pharmaceuticals, food products, and chemicals
  • Abrasive in soaps, cleaners and polishes
  • Manufacture of refractory bricks, mortars, and pipe insulation

Construction Applications

  • Loose-fill insulation in masonry construction
  • Aggregate in lightweight concrete
  • Paint texturing
  • Ceiling tiles

Perlite is available in two size bags:
4 cubic ft. and 60 cubic ft. bulk bags.

The pallets are stretch wrapped for your convenience at no extra charge.